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Between Worlds by Melisa Mead

For 150 years the Kankenni (Cantrips, to humans) have hidden underground in terror of the humans who once massacred them. Their ability to walk between the worlds of body and mind can't keep their children from dying, or their race from becoming extinct. 

Miska once had a human grandfather, and she adored him. She can't believe that humans are such an awful threat.  Soon Miska finds herself in the heart of the human world. It's just as fascinating and wondrous as she imagined-and far more dangerous. 

Some humans are slowly, systematically poisoning the Kankenni. They're watching Miska, and she can't find her way home alone. She'll need the help of a Temple acolyte and a girl who knows more about Worldwalking than she realizes to stop the killers. Even then, the worlds will never be the same.


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