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Hoochie Coochie Man by K. A. Schuster is an atmospheric contemporary fantasy, densely packed with sensuous and sensual imagery.

Jackson Spey, wizard extraordinaire in jeans, Harley shirt, and waist-length ponytail, has a dream.

Over the past nine years, following a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Spey has become a serious and gifted student of the occult. He can traverse the astral planes. He can summon, and banish, archangels and demons and elemental spirits.

He can make magick.

More important to him than his talent, though, is his ultimate intent: to purge his life of all vestiges of his earthy past and achieve spiritual perfection.

But Jackson Spey has reached a plateau in his climb to "Master" status. To advance any further, he needs two things: a proper ceremonial-magick room and a major redemptive challenge. Spey believes that a materialistic, upper-middle-class couple, Lyle and Lola Peck, can provide him with both.

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