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Illuminated Manuscript Guidelines

Over the next year I hope to publish two to four anthologies for Dragon Tooth Fantasy Ebooks. These will be, naturally, fantasy-based, and each book will have a distinct subgenre.

The anthologies will have ten stories, and the authors will share equally in the sales (no matter the length of the story). Since DDP/DTF authors receive 30% of the profits on each sale, this means that the writers will each get 3%. While this is not a lot of money, the good news is that anthologies generally tend to sell well in ebooks. 


What am I looking for?

I want stories between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length. With ten stories, this means the books will range between 50,000 and 100,000 words. You can use your word processor's count for the number.

I want stories that stress magic and characters.  Magic has to be a major part of the storyline, not just an addition to give it a little sparkle.  Stories must be complete -- I am not looking for novel excerpts.  Beyond that, I am open to just about anything.  Please keep both sex and violence only to material needed for the story.  Adding a sex scene just to spice up the story will not get it sold, and violence and gore for shock value are not high selling points, either.

Themes  for the first four anthologies are the following
(Please check this page to see DTF definitions of these subgenres):


  • Contemporary Fantasy

  • Mythic Fantasy

  • Heroic Fantasy

  • Dark Fantasy


Because I now realize it will take too long to fill each group separately, at least the first Illuminated Manuscripts Anthology will be a mixture of several fantasy subgenres.  Any of the four listed above are still welcome and all the other guidelines still apply!

 If you have a story that spans more than one of the anthology, let me know in the email and I will consider it for all the appropriate books.  (For example, a story about Merlin awakening to the current world might fit in both mythic and contemporary fantasy.  Most modern day vampire stories would be both dark and contemporary fantasy as well.)

Please send only one story per anthology.  If one is rejected, you can then send another if the particular anthology is not yet filled.  I do not accept simultaneous submissions -- that is stories that are also out to other publishers at the same time.  Please send only one story per email (and remember, only one story per anthology.)

How to send and format the material:

The mail subject line must include three things:

Illuminated Manuscripts/title of story/the anthology.  The body of the email should be any note you want to address to me (which is not necessary) and a short bio of no more than 200 words.  This bio will be part of the book if it is accepted.


In the attachment (the story itself) must have this information at the top of the first page:

Title/Type (i.e. One for the World/Mythic Fantasy)
Author's name
Word count (use program)

Please put the title and the page number in the header.

The manuscript should be double-spaced, Arial or Times 12 pt font, first line indented in paragraphs.  Be sure to write The End after the last line, no matter how obvious it might appear to be to you.  We accept only .rtf documents.


And finally -- send your story to:
Email Submissions for Illuminated Manuscripts Only!

Lazette Gifford,
Associate Publisher
Email for questions

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