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  • We will be closed to submissions until at least summer of 2008, and possibly longer.
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Notes on fantasy

This is not a definitive list of fantasy types.  In fact, I'm not really interested in what category a book might fall into.  However, some people find these labels helpful.  Also, if I find that we are overstocked with certain types of fantasy, I will indicate it here.  I will also add new categories now and then.

Epic Fantasy
This type can come as a single story, though we are more likely to see a series of books, all revolving around the quest. The quest need not be for an object. It may be a quest to free a people, to save an individual, etc. Epic fantasy relies on the heroic main character more than other types.

Heroic Fantasy

This is really part of Epic Fantasy.  Heroic fantasy is the subgenre that usually stresses the battle of good and evil, often in epic style (and length).  These are the stories of heroes and legendary battles.

Anthropomorphic Fantasy
This type of fantasy can be the same basic type as any of the others, except for one change -- animals take the place of humans.

Contemporary (Urban) Fantasy
The world is the same as we know it, only there is magic for those who know where to look. This includes Urban Fantasy.  In some cases everyone knows about the magic, but in others the magic users are in hiding.  They may be magical beings or humans who can use magic.  The key here is that magic is alive and living in our world.

Historical Fantasy
Real world history but affected by magic.  Up until the late Middle Ages or early Renaissance, such tales would still have been considered historical since people believed that magic had an affect on the real world still.

Mythical fantasy
In these stories different types of mythology is used as the core of a story. This includes stories based on fairy tales and Arthurian Fantasy.

Humorous Fantasy
The world of magic played for laughs.

Non Western Tradition

Most fantasy published these days is set in some version of Western Civilization, either from the Celts to today's world.  However, many Eastern Civilizations have strong myth and fantasy to draw upon.

Science Fantasy

Think of this one as space ships AND elves.  It's Future Fantasy, as opposed to Contemporary Fantasy and Historical Fantasy.

Dark Fantasy
These are the stories in which the creatures who would normally be monsters in horror are the heroes -- vampires, werewolves, etc.   They are now fighting on the side of right, even if they do still have urges to be do something less than heroic.  After all, a vampire still has to feed.

But what about Romantic Fantasy?

Because I am not much of a romance reader I am going to request that novels in which the romance takes precedence over the fantasy elements be sent to our wonderful new romance imprint, Dragon Heart's Romance Ebooks.

That does not mean I don't want any romance in the fantasy books for  Dragon Tooth Ebooks.  However, what I want is a fantasy book with romance elements, not a romance books with fantasy elements.  Sometimes it's hard to draw the line.  If you are uncertain where your story might fall, send it to me.  I will pass it on to the proper person.

Lazette Gifford,
Associate Publisher
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