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March 1, 2018

Okay, let's start month 3.

March is starting with a headache.  I hope it just means weather changing, but who knows?  The way things have gone this year, it could be anything.

I posted the second Differential Equations chapter today.  Moving along nicely with this stuff.

Have to get my blog piece done and the latest 2YN class edited and up.  Really, that's not so bad.    I just don't seem to be connecting today, though.  I'll get there.  Soon, I hope.


march 2, 2018

Snow?  No Snow?  Well, we are inching towards no snow, but it's still going to take a while.  It's nice being in a warm house, though.  Makes a huge difference in my attitude toward just about everything.

I am doing my final run at Rat Pirates before publication.  This shouldn't be hard, but it is slow.

Having fun, though.

Teddy bear

March 3, 2018

We took a ride north all the way the town of Haywarden today.  This is a nice looking little town!  And it had the most gorgeous huge Victorian house for sale.  Russ and I both agreed that if there was a way, that's where we would go to live.

We do stuff like this a lot.

Neither of us are really big on the idea of actually moving, you understand, but the idea of being there in that house?  Yeah. 

I think I'll just be content in my nice home.


March 4, 2018

And today we went to DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge.  There were more people there than we've ever seen.  Apparently we were coming in at the end of a marathon run, so we got lucky there.

And lucky in another way.  I got a picture of a bald eagle fishing!  Not a great shot, but I got it.  Yay!


March 5, 2018

Yesterday the temp was up around 60f.  At dawn today we had a very odd thunderstorm -- some very bright lighting and no thunder.  Very odd.  Lots of rain and wind.

And this afternoon we have snow.

Yeah, spring should be coming soon, right?


March 6, 2018

I am starting to worry that I won't have Rat Pirates done in time to publish on my birthday!  ACK!  Working hard at it, but this is not the part I can rush.  I keep finding missing words.  It's very annoying.

I am close, though.  So there is some hope.

Other than that?  Trying to watch something on the new TV every day, which has been fun.  Writing stuff.  Editing stuff.  Pictures now and then.

Life as usual.


March 7, 2018

So tomorrow is the big day. 


Though not a bad 'eeek' really. Things are nice and relatively calm right now.  I wish I had more of my books and stuff here at the house, but I don't know where I would put them.  Everything is just so odd still.

We are working out of winter.  Yay for that one!


March 8, 2018

I made it to 64!

I had a nice day.  Lovely gifts and a ride out to a local lake to see it in the winter -- still frozen and really lovely.  Pizza at Godfather's, which was fun.  Watched the third Thor movie!  Not happy they cut his hair off, but otherwise a lot of fun.

Really, a nice day all around!

Sunset on an icy lake!

March 9, 2018

And now back to work.  Really, I need to get focused again and see how much I can get finished and published this year.  Let's just leap in and have a lot of fun.

Yes, I like that idea.

I did get Rat Pirates published last night.  I started the new version of Super -- I had started it in January and realized I didn't have a good feel for it, so I scraped that and started over.  So far -- yeah, a lot of fun.

I'm getting Differential Equations up on Wattpad (3 chapters so far).  I'll be fully publishing the book soon. And then Tales from Elsewhere, which I have really, really truly honestly been enjoying.  Edmond the talking cat is just way too much fun.

Much like the cat in Kat Among the Pigeons, though Edmond is more trouble.  LOL

So, off to work I go tonight.  Many things to get done!