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Written in the Sand

January 1, 2018

I have published my first book of the year.


Yay!  Good way to start the year.

I've also begun work on Devlin's Team # 10 -- Treason.  I am writing this one without an outline and I think I'm going to enjoy doing it.  It has been fun so far.

The weather is awful though. The temp is -14f with a -28f wind chill. That's better than last night when it dropped to -24 with a -42 wind chill.  We might be marginally better tomorrow.  I hope so.


January 2, 2018

Not such a great day.

About 5PM or so, we had a large water pipe break at my house.  So, yeah.  Pack up the cats, the dog, me and some true necessities and head off to Russ's house next door again.

Only this time, we're staying.  There is no way we can get that fixed, at least this winter.  The problem with Russ's house is that we are limited to bottled water except for the toilet.  It does however, have true heat.  I do not have internet right now, but we'll figure that out soon.


January 3, 2018

This is a mess.  Russ was not prepared to have us invade.  I need more room for things, though I am trying to keep it to a minimum.

Buffy has disappeared into the house somewhere.  This has truly freaked her out.  Well, it has me as well to be honest.  I liked my little office even if it was horrible to rush between it and the bathroom.  It was mine, though.  All my teas and teddy bears, my books, my ... things.  We did bring a few of the bears over, the cameras, and some of the teas, though I don't know what to do with those last.  We slept in chairs last night, but we should have the bed over tonight.  I hope.  I did not sleep well.

Ugh.  Oh, I'm sure it will all be fine eventually ... but it's going to be a week or two of strange stuff.  Maybe I'll curl up with Buffy somewhere if I can figure out where she's hiding.  It's a sudden change and we'll have to figure it out.

I'm not certain I'm up to the adventure.

My Spot

January 4, 2017

I have to admit that I am having trouble writing. This whole change houses thing has thrown me off. This is not MY writing spot, though it's starting to get covered in teddy bears, so that's helping. LOL.
If only it wasn't the dead of winter so that moving things isn't so hard. Though, honestly, I have no idea what I would bring over and if I got it here, what I would do with it. There is a reason we have two houses.
Getting my tea set up somewhere is probably the big thing now. And figuring out the kitchen stuff so we can cook here. This house has very little kitchen counter and I have things. Many things, not even counting the many teas that have to go somewhere.
So, writing is going to be slow off the start of the year. I'll get used to it. I can kind of see out windows here, though I might have to adjust things a bit. I might be able to get a bird feeder somewhere that I could watch and that would be wonderful. I want to do that kind of photography again. Maybe in the spring, I could even set up a little spot on the porch where I could work. That's only about three months away. I think this house should have a better view for thunderstorms and such, too. Maybe even for snow storms, though those are not high on my list right now.
The cats are doing much better. The dog is still badly unsettled, but at least she played with me a bit today.
I need to write flash fiction #284. This is not the time to quit. Okay, I can do this. I'm borrowing characters from an early FF because I don't think I could have done anything more difficult.
Yes, this will work and at least I'll get my minimum 1k for the day.


January 5, 2018

Slowly, slowly getting things worked out here.  It's odd.  I hope that we can both get settled into writing and working soon.  My problem is that I keep looking around for things that are not here -- but that I probably don't need anyway.  They're just familiar things.  As long as I am mostly focused on the screen -- where I spend most of the time anyway -- I'm okay.  I'm starting to get bits and pieces of work done.  This is good.

But it is an odd change.


January 6, 2018

And today I set fire to a potato in the microwave.

Yeah.  It's been that kind of week -- month -- year already.


January 7, 2018

One week of the year done and we seem to have survived.  After last night's potato fiasco, I'm a bit uncertain about the chances we'll survive week two.  We're still airing the house out.  Amazing how much smell a small burning potato can put out.  Just so you know.

I am getting writing done, though.  It's starting to look like serious stuff again, I think.

Still need a few more things here at the house, but we're doing okay.

Not sure how long it will take me to get used to it, though.


January 8, 2018

Writing.  Yeah, I'm still getting some of that done.  It's been slow, but I am moving forward with it.  The new Devlin's Team story is going okay.  The sequel to Glory is a bit slower.  The rewrite of Rat Pirates -- this will the the last time -- is doing better than the others.

I need to focus on them and stop letting myself get side tracked by everything. 

Right.  That's going to happen any time soon.

teddy bear and cat

January 9, 2018

We're supposed to go back into bad weather mode tomorrow night.  We had a couple days in the 40's which was nice.  Almost all the snow is gone, too -- so getting fresh won't be so bad.  We won't have anything like they have had out east, but we might get some ice which is not so good.

We're kind of on hold here at the house until we figure out what to do with things.  My teas are here, but I don't know where to put them.  I have some stacked up on the kitchen counter, but it is small counter and they really should go somewhere else, along with all the rest of them.  I have no idea where that might be.

Best just to go back to writing and not think too much about the rest of this right now.

Zaphod and Friend

January 10, 2018

It doesn't look as though the storm is going to hit us after all. That's probably good.

We went out to have pizza since it wasn't snowy/icy stuff.  That was fun!

Writing is going okay.  Nothing spectacular, though the edit on Rat Pirates looks pretty good.  Nineteen chapters done out of 45, I think.  I would feel better if I found fewer mistakes, but at least I'm catching a lot of them, right?

Well, I'll get it done eventually.

City with Fog

January 11, 2018

We had quite a wind storm last night!  Really loud and strong -- and incredibly cold.  It was neat listening to it in bed, but the house felt cold all day.  It wasn't really -- just a few breezes here and there that were really strong.

The furnace in this house is loud.  Sometimes it was hard to tell if it was the furnace running or the wind outside. 

The bedroom is warm.  That makes a huge difference in things.  I can go to bed and read on my Nook without my fingers freezing like they would in the other house.  I don't remember the last night I felt so comfortable in bed, either.  It's very odd.

Looks as though we are going to have cold weather for a couple weeks.  Spring can't come soon enough this year.  Maybe I'm getting too old to enjoy the winter any more.

I am not ready to move.  Just moving a few things from one house to this one next door cured me of that dream.  No, I'll just stay here, thank you.

And now I'm heading off to the nice warm bedroom.


January 12, 2018

Ten days in the new house.  So far, so good.   Oh, there are problems -- but we are getting there.  Water is a big problem still, but we seem to be doing okay.

Cats are weirded out still. Dog is doing better. She's started to turn into a watch dog, which is odd.  Who would have expected it?  And at all the wrong times, of course -- and as often barking at Russ as anything else, but what can you do?

Writing is writing.  Moving forward.  Doing things.

It's all odd.

More Cute

January 13, 2018

Had a bit of a ride today.  The river has a lot of ice on it!  I was surprised because though we've had some really cold weather, we keep getting lots of mild stuff, too.  We're about to head into another really bad cold spell for a couple days, but then we have 30's and 40's again.  So yeah, odd winter. 

Nice to be in a place with warmth, though.

Bringing a few things over from the house at a time.  I still don't know what to do with my tea, though.  I miss having it out.


January 14, 2018

I started the third Raventower novel today.

I think I'm going to start Super (my superhero novel) tomorrow.

That means I will have four novels started already this year, plus one major rewrite.  There is a reason for this madness, though.  I've found that I can easily write 250 words on something at a shot.  I'm having trouble focusing for long -- but by doing this, I manage to get a lot of words without a lot of work. Sounds odd, but it's working out that way.

You have to be willing to experiment.

This is my year of sequels and my year of writing a lot of new novels.  That does more to improve my feelings towards writing than a lot of things have lately.  This is going to be fun!

Frozen Missouri

January 15, 2018

Two weeks into this year and it feels as though everything has changed.  I'm starting to get the writing back and doing okay, but being in this house is strange.  I like the warmth.  I'll like it better when we get all the water to all the places, though Russ has done pretty well so far!

I have four novels and an edit going.  It's fun, actually.  Just concentrate on the little scene in front of you, just 250 words at a shot.  Do the cycle 3 times and there is the 3k for the day.  Eventually, one of these stories will break out and I'll run with it to the end -- but for now, this is alright.  It's giving my brain a lot of stuff to play with which is good in this weather.  -3 tonight with a -28 wind chill at the moment.  Being in a house with heat is a really nice feeling.  The cats are happy, too.

And that's it.  I'm heading off to bed to read for a while.  Tomorrow is going to be as cold as today, but then we head in to warmer stuff again.  Yay!  I hope we don't have any more of the really cold stuff, though I suspect there will be more before we head into March and better weather.

Teddy Bear

January 16, 2018

My photography has taken a real hit this year so far.  We just can't get out between the move, the really cold weather, and just a lot of things that need to be done.  I'm taking a lot of teddy bear and cat pictures.  I need to move the bird feeder, or at least the bird bath and fill it with bird food.  Where to put it though?  There is no where near the windows.  Also, the windows are old and starting to get that warped glass problem.  I think sitting it by the tree out front might work.  I could stand on the porch and get some shots.

That might work.  I need to get something soon or it will be cats and teddy bears forever!


January 17, 2018

The writing stuff really is doing okay.  It's odd, the four novels and various other things on the side, but I've enjoyed it so far.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all goes in the long run.  This is a lot of things to be working on.

Hmmm.  And now I have to think about what I need to write for my birthday in March.  I do have one more idea I can old onto until then.  I hope.

Weather is a bit warmer.  Supposed to be better tomorrow and the next day, and then back to winter.  It is all strange.

Sleepy kitties

January 18, 2018

I didn't have everything I needed to make dinner tonight.  One of my important hard drives suddenly disappeared off the computer.  A program I wanted to run turned out to be on a hard drive I had removed because it was mostly full.

Yeah, one of those days.

We grabbed fast food, so dinner worked out.  The hard drive came back after the required jiggling of cords.  I didn't need the missing program after all.

I have my flash fiction about done, so that's good.  I need to get the class ready to post. 

I might survive this day after all.