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march 1, 2017

It is a week until my birthday.  I don't expect anything to be really outstanding this year.  There are too many things that are not falling into place, including a birthday in the middle of the week and Russ having stuff going on during both weekends.

You know, there would be have been years where I was upset, but not this time.  It's just the way things go.  I'm going to look for some fun stuff to get online -- nothing expensive, but a book or two and things like that, would be fun.  I think I would have enjoyed going to the zoo but not by myself -- not this time.

So, the novel is going fine.  Really actually moving again.  (Did I just jinx it?)  I'm working on the 4th Devlin novel again and I might start the 10th Devlin novel on my birthday.  That's the extent of my plans so far.  Expect a couple weeks of just calm.  I hope.


march 2, 2017

The picture for today is one of a tiger from a March 9, 2006 trip to the zoo.  This was a wondrous trip.  Russ went with me that one time!  Most of the other trips meld together, but I remember this one.  It was also the first trip for my Sony DSC-H1 camera, which is the camera I used longer than any of the other digital cameras.  I don't always wear them out, despite taking lots of pictures every day.  In fact, the DSC-1 does still work.  I just start looking around and seeing fun things that new cameras do.  Oddly, I have not felt that way since I got the Canon T4i.  Now I just look for new lenses.  LOL.

I am quite happy to point out that the weather is getting better again, even though we had a few little snow flakes today.  We're supposed to have weather up into the 60's and maybe as high as 70f this weekend. 


March 3, 2017

Devlin 4: Missing Persons has finally fallen into place.

I don't know why it fought me for so long.  I don't know what I kept missing when I tried to edit it.  Right now, though, the book is moving along nicely.  I should have it done in March.  Yay!

Anything else today?  No, not really.  I think its enough that both the projects are doing well.  Can't complain about that!

edmond and Zaphod

March 4, 2017

I got a funny new plot bunny tonight!  A stuffed one.  He's huge and has little floppy ears.  He's helping to protect the computer from cats who keep reaching up to stand on it and turn it off.

I am trying to look at the idea for the story I'll start on my birthday.  It's a Devlin book.  It should be fun to write, but at the moment it is still nebulous.  Ugh.

Missouri River

march 5, 2017

Today we went to DeSoto!  There were not a lot of geese and stuff there, but it was a great ride. And on the way home we found a bunch of geese in fields.  LOL

A nice day!


March 6, 2017

We had a massive amount of wind today.  It was nice to listen to it sometimes, and we didn't have anything worse than wind.  Some places got real storms -- hail, tornadoes, stuff like that.  We did fine in that respect.

I only have a couple more days before I start the new novel.  Journey of a Thousand Truths will not be done.  It has slowed down quite a bit and I need to find my thread again.  Lucky for me that I'[m not on any kind of deadline.

black and white Sunset

march 7, 2017

Not so good on the writing right now.  Editing is moving along at least, but writing has slowed up a bit.  I'm starting to find it annoying,  Especially since I am starting something new tomorrow.

I know what the problem is, too.  I am having trouble deciding how to present something I've hinted at before now.  I think it is going right, but it's still difficult.

Ugh.  But I'll get there.

And tomorrow is my birthday!


March 8, 2017

I had a nice birthday.  We went for a little ride and then had a nice dinner.  We might do more on Friday.  Mid-week birthdays are difficult.

I started my new novel, too!

Amusing Grace.

Yeah, I'm doing the sequel to Muse rather than the new Devlin novel.  I had a nice opening for the Devlin book, but not much else.  Amusing Grace has an outline and should be fun.


march 9, 2017

Okay, so now I have three major projects -- Journey of a Thousand Truths, Devlin 4: Missing Persons (the one I'm editing), and Amusing Grace.

There is also the weekly Flash Fiction plus editing the classes to go up on FB.

So lots to write.  I enjoy having lots of things to work on each day.  I feel like I am making progress


March 10, 2017

Winter is coming!

Hold on, haven't we been through this already?

Odd weather this year.  80f and then snowing that night.  I hope we have a nice spring and we don't just leap into summer.  Ugh.  It's hard to guess how things are going to go this year.

Writing is up and down, but still moving.  I am happy enough with that part.  Three major projects and if I can just get one of them to inch closer to done, I'll be much happier.


march 11, 2017

We had a bit of snow last night.  It was funny because we were out, not expecting anything -- and suddenly it just started really coming down.  We scurried back to the houses.

Since it was Friday, it wasn't much of a deal.  Don't have to worry about Russ heading to work and such.

I am almost done with the course on Egypt.  Wow, that was great.  I'm going to continue with the class on reading hieroglyphs taught by the same guy -- though 20 years later.  His hair went completely white!

Fun stuff.  Good to keep learning things.


March 12, 2017

We're supposed to get a little more snow tonight.  It was a bit icy today, but not dangerous.  We found a gorgeous tree with ice on it, though.  Lovely for pictures!

I think I have made a slight breakthrough on Journey of a Thousand Truths.  I'm anxious to get that first draft done.  It's been a very interesting story, but I'm ready to move on.

I also finally figured out my editing problem with Devlin #4 and it's moving, too.

Amusing Grace is not moving quite yet, though I'm getting a few words on it every day.  It's going to do better soon.  I am starting to get a feel for the story.  Yay!


march 13, 2017

Our little 'less than an inch of snow'?  Yeah, it turned into about four or five inches.  LOL.  Pretty, but not what any of us expected.  Just have to remind myself that it is March and the snow and cold is not going to stick around.  In fact, I think we're supposed to have rain in a couple days.

That's about all my news for today.  Writing is writing.  Things are going.  Everything is fine.


March 14, 2017

I was totally ill today.  Badly so, with an upset stomach and pains, mostly through my arm.  Russ took me for a long ride after work -- it was very nice.

I crawled into bed afterwards.  This is annoying.


march 15, 2017

Today's problem?  My eyes hurt so badly I can't hardly work.

Ugh.  No time for this.

Sleepy cats

March 16, 2017

Feeling a bit better.  We may have found the problem with my eyes, at least: some new scented trash bags.  I don't think it's related to being ill as well, but my eyes are clearing up a bit.

I need to be able to work.


March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm feeling better again.  I hope this holds up.  I would really like to get Devlin 4 finished and move on.  I'd love to finish Journey as well, but I'm held up at a scene I can't quite seem to see yet.

I'll get there.  I just have to hope not to get ill again.  This is getting annoying.


March 18, 2017

We found bits of ice and snow out there today, the remnants of winter and not the start of a new winter.  it's felt that way this year.  Winter's over!  No, just fooling with you. 

We've had snow storms all the way up into April.  You just can't take spring seriously here.

Working on writing.  Write, write, edit, write.  I will get something done.


March 19, 2017

Okay, it is Sunday.  I am determined to have Devlin 4 done this week.  Completed and published so that I can move on.  There is no reason not to finish this one since all I'm doing is editing.

All.  Right.

Thank you Grammarly.  You may be costly and claim money from my account at all the wrong times, but you are helping me make the stories better.

We can do this.


March 20, 2017

Oh yes, I can get this done.  In fact, I published Devlin 4: Missing Persons on Smashwords today.  Yay!

And then I found that all but the very first book were missing from Amazon. So that will take a bit more work to track down the proper copies and get everything up again.

But still, I did it!

Dark eyed Junco

March 21, 2017

Today was spent mostly working on getting the Devlin stuff up on Amazon.  I did it! 

So, three months into the year and I finally finished something.  This has been an odd year.  I need to get my mind around the idea of both publication and completing new stuff.  I don't know what's going on there.  Brain just isn't moving on where it should be.

I'll get there.

House finch

march 22, 2017

I have chosen and started the editing on the next novel I intend to publish: Raventower & Merriweather 2: War.

It's a long novel, over 120k.  I suspect it might be slow going, but so far I'm happy.

The other two novels?  A bit here, a bit there -- it adds up.  I'll do better as we get into real spring.  Warmth and fresh air would be very nice.  Really.  I could stand it this year.  LOL


march 23, 2017

We are having a thunderstorm.  How fun!  It's a loud one, too.  Makes me want to go curl up in bed under the covers and just listen to it.  That would not be a good idea, though, Zette.  You must get work done.  Really.

I edited the first chapter of Raventower 2 last night.  I think it went well, though there is something more I want to add in.  And, in other good writing news, Journey finally started really moving again too.  Amusing Grace would move if I let it, but right now I want to focus on getting Journey completed.  It's getting closer.  I just can't quite see the shape of the confrontation they're heading for right now.

But I'm moving again on the stories.  Let's hope it stays that way!