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May 1, 2018

Storm clouds today -- some of the best storm clouds I've seen in a while.  Others had bad weather, but we had a gorgeous, very wide and bright rainbow.  Or maybe a rainbow column is a better term.  It didn't go very high, but it stayed around for a long time.

Russ did a wonderful job of chasing down good pictures of it for me, too.

Nice way to start the month!

Oh yeah -- and better weather, too.

And ... we went to the Library Book Sale.  Yeah, crazy -- but found some great stuff!  Happy people!


May 2, 2018

Nothing to compare with yesterday's weather, although we have been having a lot of storms the last few days.  That's okay as long as they don't turn white on us.

The work on Jami is going along fine.  I'll have this rewrite done soon.  I would like to get back to writing original work, but my brain doesn't seem to be on it.  Oh well.  As long as I am getting something done.  I'll try not to think about how fast the year is going.


May 3, 2018

Back to the sale -- and I found one of the two missing books out of a set I bought the first day I was there.  Yay!

Everything is going okay.  I've had some bad back problems again, but I'm surviving.  I hope things get better.


May 4, 2018

We went out to Danish Alps State Park again tonight.  Tehre was not as much waterfowl as before, but we did see a heron and a few ducks, and a few cormorants.  We might have spotted a beaver, but he stayed in the water.  Seemed larger than a muskrat, though, so it might have been.

I love this better weather.  Not perfect yet, but certainly nice.  I hope to feel well enough to do some walking this year.

We made our third trip to the book sale.  I wish I had felt better because some of the people we used to see were there this time!

My favorite line, though, was from the woman who works there.  It was on the second trip and I didn't hear it.  Russ told me later.

Woman: I thought you weren't going to come back again.

Russ:  Yeah, well, I also said I wasn't coming at all this year, and we see how that's worked out.



May 5, 2018

We had more odd weather and rain today.  It's spring!

So far the bad weather has not hit us, just some really startling winds but nothing dangerous.  That's good.  I've loved the clouds and stuff so far.

Jami is almost done.  Maybe 15k or so left, so that's good.  I've pulled the story together better.  I hope it keeps improving, but it's going to take a lot more work before it can be ready for publication.


May 6, 2018

Very lovely weather!  I wish it could stay this way all the way to autumn -- and then a couple weeks of autumn, a couple weeks of winter, and back again.  LOL

Getting so close to being done with Jami -- and now is the time that the new Devlin novel suddenly leaps up and starts moving.  It couldn't wait a few more days?

Not that I'm horribly upset.  I wrote a couple fun scenes in the book and I see a few more coming up.  So hey, no real complaints.  I'll get Jami done anyway.

Blue Heron

May 7, 2018

Am I the only one who thinks this year is moving incredibly fast?  It can't be May already.  Hell, that means it's only six months to NaNo again.


Get things done and out of the way.  Start thinking about something fun for NaNo.  Start thinking about just doing better in general.  I don't want another NaNo like last year, just out of the hospital and not up to anything.

Yeah, think better thoughts.

And finish up all the other stuff before then.



May 8, 2018

Lovely ride out into the country tonight.  Geese and pheasants, and all sorts of nice green things.  I always appreciate green things in spring.  The drives have been very nice, too.

What other things?  Jami is very nearly done.  Just a few more days.  Then back into the pile it goes until I feel that I'm ready to do a real final rewrite on it.  I'm still not certain about a huge main part of the story, to be honest.  It ties in a novel outside of the Silky trilogy, but one that is set in the same story universe.


We'll see.

Crab apple blooms

May 9, 2018

Another wonderful ride tonight, with a great sunset, too!  I love getting those shots.

I wish I could really get moving on my writing again, but this up and down illness takes a toll.  Jami is going fine for too reasons -- it's a rewrite, so I don't have to plot, and because I know this is not the final draft, so I'm not focusing as hard as I would normally.  I just can't right now so having something easy to work on has been good for me.

Tales of Elsewhere is slowing getting it's final round of editing, too, though.  That one is not so hard to deal with, but this is going to be a monster of a novel when it is done.  I didn't expect it to be this long!


May 10, 2018

My lilacs are blooming!  A shame they're at the other house, but it is only next door and I can walk that far, at least most days.  LOL.  It's nice to see them again, though.

What other things?  Write.  Write some more.  Watch a few things from Great Courses.  Write other stuff.

Still reading the New Cambridge Modern History, too.  Fascinating stuff.

And writing.

beautiful Sunset

May 11, 2018

Too ill to do much of anything.

I am tired of this.

Sunset on the Missouri River

May 12, 2018

And better today.  Good.  We went out to the lake and saw a lovely bald eagle and a few other things.

I think I'm going to be done with Jami tomorrow.  Good!  And even though I know this isn't the final edit, I did fix a lot of major timeline problems as well as name changes.

So that's all good.

We've had cold gray weather -- so cold that we had to turn the heat on again.  What a strange year this has been.


May 13, 2018

I finished Jami!  I'm happy to have this draft done.  It brought out a number of problems, but also showed me that the story, overall, worked, well.  It needs to rest for quite a while, though.  I have to make up my mind about some very basic stuff in it, and I keep bouncing back and forth.

I updated my regular website, too.  It was long overdue.  I don't think I like the new version quite as it is, but it's also getting there.  And I shows a number of books I've published since the last time I updated.  So that's good.

But over all, a kind of ugh day trying to focus on things.  Nothing has been catching my attention for very long.  This is annoying.


May 14, 2018

We are preparing for Russ to go to New York.  It's only a five day trip, to teach for the place he used to work at, but it's coming up awfully fast.

It's going to be strange to be here by myself.  I've never spent days alone in this house!

We are stocking up on food for me, for kitties, for puppy the dog, and even for birds -- I'll need to take pictures of something!


May 15, 2018

I have started the final rewrite on News from the Front. This will be novel #50 if all goes well.  I see no reason why it shouldn't, but you never know.

What I really need to do is start working on new stuff again.  I don't quite know what is stopping me there.  It's annoying, though.  My brain needs to get focused again.

I hope it happens soon.


May 16, 2018

All the last stuff done.  Russ leaves early in the morning.  I think we're set up and will do fine.  The only trouble I can see at all would be weather, and it doesn't look too bad right now.  We have chances of storms on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- but none of them sound serious at the moment.

So five days of calm is all I'm asking for right now.


May 17, 2018

It's way too early in the morning.  Russ left a little while ago.  I sure hope everything goes alright for him!

I need to get back to bed and sleep for a few hours.  Instead, I'm unloading zip files full of fun things so I can play with them later.

That's really about it.  I haven't done anything yet today so I can't even say how the writing will go.  Better, I hope.  I need to get focused on things and get stuff done.

After I sleep.

Country Road

May 18, 2018

So far we're doing fine here at Casa Gifford.  I've done a lot of writing on the Devlin novel and not enough cleaning, but I'm good.  I've also been eating a lot, though, which is not good.  I'm sure that will come back to haunt me soon.

Tonight I'm tempted to sit down and watch something fun.  Just relax and not think about anything at all.  Seems like a good plan if I can get myself motivated to do it.

Other than that, not doing anything much at all.  I hope to get more done soon.