Iíve got several things on the agenda for 2005, there may be more coming later. Iíll post any updates as soon as I get them. So check back every so often, you never know what you might find.

New stories:

"The Bubba of Duntrune" (with Lee Martindale) in International House of Bubbas

Yard Dog Press, Release some time in 2005.  The collection will also feature a story by Sue Sinor.

"At Best An Echo" in GATEWAYS (DAW Books, June).

In this story I got to bring together Prof. Abraham van Helsing , of Dracula fame, and Dr. Joseph Bell, the real life model for Sherlock Holmes

"Thatís What They All Say" in ALL HELLíS BREAKING LOOSE

(DAW Books). Itís a charming little tale about what happens when a rather unusual client walks into this detectives office.


"Final Score" in TRAVEL A TIME HISTORIC (Cyberpulp books)

This is one of my Lancelot series, set in modern day Norman, Oklahoma.

You put a 1,400 year old vampire on the trail of a serial killer and things do get interesting.






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