Welcome, welcome everyone. 

Draw near the fire is warm, the night is dark, the drink is good and there are stories to be told.

            Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bradley H. Sinor (though just call me Brad, if someone says Bradley it usually takes me a second or so to realize its me they are talking to).

I am going to presume that you made it to this little corner of cyber space for one of several very good reasons. You are probably interested in science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy or horror stories, all  areas that I write in, along with a good deal of nonfiction and even an occasional mystery story.

You may have even come here because you’ve read some of my work, which of course affirms your excellent taste in literature.

I hope you will find a few interesting things here. There will be a listing of my published stories, as well as a separate along with some covers, eventually we’ll be putting up some pictures that I hope you’ll like. Speaking of pictures the one below is of my wife Sue (a talented writer in her own right) and myself, taken outside of the Excalibur Club in Chicago




This year has been exceptionally good for me in terms of seeing my stuff in print, six brand new short stories, two essays, and two reprints.

The latest story of mine to escape into the world is a collaboration between myself and my wife Sue called “Serpents Tooth”  in ROTTEN RELATIONS  edited by Denise Little  (DAW Books). It is a retelling of the story of Cinderella from the step-mother’s point of view.

Sue started the story a few years ago, but never finished it. When I got the invite to an anthology dealing with legends retold from other points of view I thought of this story and suggested that we work on it together. The collaboration went really well, we didn’t argue over anything except a couple of commas.

Speaking of my dear wife I shared another co-byline with her when Yard Dog Press released the chapbook collection PLAYING WITH SECRETS. It had one of my stories “Location Shoot” and two of hers “Christmas Shopping” and “What Comes Around”.

This year opened with the release of “Grails” in MAGIC SHOP (DAW Books).  It’s a story about a shop where you end up not necessarily with what you want, but what you need instead (even if you don’t realize that you need it).

            Early in the summer word went out that a charity anthology, called SMALL BITES (Coscom Publishing) being put together to benefit gravely ill horror writer Charles L. Grant. The stories all had to be flash fiction, 500 words or less. I have three stories in this one, “First Date”, “Burglary”, and “Gag”. The book came out quickly; I saw the first copy of it at the end of September. Buy copies folks; it’s a very worthy cause.

            Fittingly, as an October release, my story “Season Finale” appeared in HAUNTED HOLIDAYS edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis. It deals with some unexpected visitors at a 12th night celebration. It also has a cameo appearance by one of the characters from my Lancelot series, though Lance himself doesn’t show up.

            October also saw the release of two pieces of non-fiction with my by line. “Fear and Loathing on Cimmeria” came out in STEPPING THROUGH THE STARGATE edited by P. N. Elrod and Roxanne Conrad (BenBella Books).  The other “Oklahoma Launch” is in THE CHERRYH ODYSSEY   edited by Edward Carmien (Borgo Press). The later is a tribute to my friend and mentor Carolyn Cherryh who has been a profound influence on my writing career. The former is a fun look at a Stargate episode that has several layers to it.

            Much to my surprise IBooks reprinted two anthologies MERLIN and TIME OF THE VAMPIRES that had my first two Lancelot stories, “Oaths” and “Central Park”





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